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About Me

Hi,  I,m CR owner and lead developer at Motorsports Racers Websites and WPDPlus. I started out racing go karts at about age 11.  At 14 I traded my kart for a Yamaha motorcycle ( 100cc two stroke ) that started my luv affair with bikes that has lasted ever since. At 16 I hung around a BSA, Triumph, Ducati shop until they gave me a job sweeping floors, cleaning frames and parts for the mechanics and of course getting lunch for everybody. Eventually the boss handed me $20 dollars one Sat after work and I was in heaven. Working in a motorcycle shop and getting paid. This is also where I learned one of my first lessons in the work place. Whatever work place and salary range you start at is pretty much where you will stay ( at least back in those days ). Back then you got a larger raise and work position by going to work for another shop. I will always remember those days in that first shop. They are still the best memories. I spent the next 12 yrears working in Suzuki & Kawasaki  shops from Florida back up to North Carolina.  The last shop was located out side of Atlanta GA and as usual the shop was sold and after about four months the new owner knew it all so it was time for me to move on. I came back home met a girl and got married. Oh no time for a real job.

This is were I went to work for the local Board of Realtors. I went by just to help a friend set up a modem and walked out with a job….. those were the good ole days.

This is were I seriously started coding. Dbase III Rbase, Clipper and Foxbase. Those were the start. Anyway the short version is I figured out after a year I was not cut out to work in a corporate type environment so I set out on my own.

How I Work

At Motorsports Racers, WPDPlus I believe in keeping things simple. No corporate structure, no unnecessary meetings with excuses as to why no one is available. You can point your finger at one person, ” That would Be Me “.  My team of driven, talented and motivated people are brought in on an as needed basis keeping cost down which are passed on to you.       I specialize in helping  Automotive Speed Shops –  Auto Repair Shops and Auto Race Teams / Organizations increase their customer / client base awareness.  Along with profit margins, stable business cycles and customer / client loyalty.  With my  years of automotive service manager  and developer experience, I can build anything from a one page brochure – Hero page  type website up to a full eCommerce type website based on the WordPress core. My 25+ years of real life shop experience  allows me to understand and fulfill your needs as to building your dream  WordPress  Automotive – Service Center  or Race Team website.

I look forward to hearing from you.                                                                 CR

Working Hours

Monday to Friday: 12 noon EST. – 10.00 PM
Saturday: 12 noon EST. – 9.00 PM
Sunday: Closed

My office hours are from 12:00 Noon EST until 10:00PM EST  so that I can be available to all  clients across the different USA time zones.

Call Me: 919-526-0636 OR

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”