Frequently asked questions

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Latest estimates are that WordPress is powering around 30% of the worlds websites. What ever your needs are for a website its a safe bet WordPress will be able to handle what ever we throw at it. It easy to add on later as your business needs grow. A few websites using WordPress: Home Depot, UPS, PlayStation, Skype, US Air Force,  MTV News, Sony Music, Facebook Newsroom…. just to name a few. Are you ready to join?

I do things the old way. After we both agree on the services I will provide to you, I will invoice you with a Email that contains a secure quick pay Stripe link. After you are totally satisfied with the agreement, simply use your Visa, MasterCard, Discover card to make a secure payment. Since all information is handed by Stripe, we never have access to any of your information.

I only work on one build at a time. This way you get my undivided attention until completion of your project.

In the beginning we will correspond by email,  telephone or video chat. Once enough of your project is complete enough to install on my high speed server, you will have a private link so that you can see the progress with the build.

I can always be contacted by way of email. I monitor the email account continuously during working hours. If contact by phone is desired, you may also give me a call at the office # 919 526-0636

As a developer I,m just a little bit biased. If you have to ask ” Well how do I do that? ” then you probably need a developer to at least oversee your project. Once the website is built, Its pretty easy for you to add or edit content.

The absolute number one slow down – stop the project hose up the works and time line is: Getting the images and written content the client wants on the website.  So the number one reason a project can run behind is the client. Sorry, sad but true…….

The size as in ” How many pages and the complexity ” will totally determine how long it tales for the build. A small 5 to 8 page website usually takes from One to Two weeks build time. A eCommerce or Membership type website figure from one month to three depending on options and complexity.