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I’ve been involved in racing and the automotive industry all my life. I,m retired so I can concentrate on what I enjoy doing. I luv racing better than most anything on this earth. I am a few years past my racing age. All this leaves me with one option to stay involved with the racing community. I worked on a NASCAR team. I have helped big and little money teams. I enjoy helping up and coming racers. I have developed a process and program. This allows me to help the newbies get a one page Hero Type or Full Website. A racers website of their own to showcase their racing achievements. Your new website will have sections for your sponsors, fans and team mates. I look forward to working with each of you. We will showcase, promote and further your growing racing career. Please look over my different plans to see which one best suites your needs.

My deal is not for everyone …. but it might be for you

Who I like working with. If you prefer one of the click here, send us your $39.99 and pick from our one cookie cutter style website ( every website they deliver looks the same ) deals, then I,m not for you. Lets be real. Websites that work, all have a basic look and feel. When building a website for a competition you can build an off the wall looking non compliant looking website. For those of us in the real world there are some basic principles we adhere too. I believe I can build each of you a one off website. A website that displays your race teams style and your personality. Now what goes along with this approach is building a lasting relationship between builder and racer. I not only want to build your website , but be along for the ride of your racing journey. In short not just take your money and move on to the next one. I prefer to build it, make sure its maintained and be available to help you tell the story of your racing career on the website. Now just like with your Hero Cards, there are only so many ways to layout a card and it still make sence. But you can add little things that when anyone sees that card they know its you. By adding a small picture of that old pickup yu’ve been driving forever, that mutt dog only you could luv or that side-kick we all have that nobody else would put up with. With your colors, sponsors and other little things we add, your website design will truly make you and your team shine. If this sounds like it might be the deal you need Give me a call ( 919 526-0636 Mon – Fri 3PM 8PM EST. ) Lets Talk or shoot me an Email.

Thanks for your time and interest